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A Musical Tradition in Banaras Description $195
Ahmedabad: Life of a City in India Description $195
Ajuba Dance and Drama Co. Description $195
Allahabads Mela: The People and Their Great Fair Description $195
An Appointment with the Astrologer: Personal Consultants in Hindu Society Description $195
An Indian Pilgrimage: Kashi Description $195
An Indian Pilgrimage: Ramdevra Description $195
Banaras Description $195
Banaras Muharram and the Coals of Karbala Description $195
Bangladesh Nationhood: Symbols and Shadows Description $195
Bearing the Heat: Mother Goddess Devotion in South India Description $195
Being Muslim in India Description $195
Consecration of a Temple Description $195
Courts and Councils: Dispute Settlement in India Description $195
Dadi and Her Family: A Rural Mother-In-Law in North India Description $195
Darubrahma ("Wooden Lord"): Jagannaths Re-creation in Puri, India Description $195
Four Holy Men: Renunciation in Hindu Society Description $195
Given to Dance: Indias Odissi Tradition Description $195
Holi Hey: A Festival of Love, Color, and Life Description $195
Kamala and Raji: Working Women of Ahmedabad Description $195
Lady of Gingee: South Indian Draupadi Festival Description $195
Lord Murugan and South-Indian Hinduism Description $195
Mithila Painters: Five Village Artists from Madhubani, India Description $195
Modern Brides: Arranged Marriage in South India Description $195
Munni (Little Girl): Childhood and Art in Mithila Description $195
Pilgrimage to Pittsburgh Description $195
Sitala in Spring: Festival of the Bengali Goddess of Health and Illness Description $195
The Fourth Stage: A Hindus Quest for Release Description $195
The Frontiers of Peace: Jainism in India Description $195
The Sorrow and the Joy: Remembering Husseins Martyrdom in Hyderabad, Pakistan Description $195
The Wages of Action: Religion in a Hindu Village Description $195
Tibetan Buddhism: Cycles of Interdependence Description $195
Tibetan Buddhism: Preserving the Monastic Tradition Description $195
Tibetan Buddhism: The Wheel of Life Description $195
Tulsidas and the Fire of the Veda Description $195
Village Man, City Man Description $195
Voices of the People: The Elections in India 1977 Description $195