FPsc genetic seed stocks

Item# Seed Stock Pack Size Price Qty Pack Size Price Qty
Reference Genotypes
1 wild type (wt) FPsc 50 $6 200 $20
2 wild type (wt) R500 50 $6 200 $20
3 wild type (wt) siRCBr 50 $6 200 $20
"Pure" FPsc homozygous mutant stocks
72 wt IMB211 16 $6
71 R500 x IMB211 s9 RIL pops 16 $2.50
7 FPsc elongated internode 40 (ein40) 50 $6 200 $20
6 FPsc elongated iunternode 194 (ein194) 50 $6 200 $20
5 FPsc elongated internode (ein9) 50 $6 200 $20
4 FPsc abnormal leaf (ale) 50 $6 200 $20
R500 x FPsc hybrid genotypes
13 R500 x FPsc elongated internode 40 (ein40) F2 50 $6 200 $20
48 R500 x FPsc petal color 1 (pec1) 50 $6 200 $20
8 R500 x FPsc albino (alb) F2 50 $6 200 $20
9 R500 x FPsc abnormal leaf (ale) F2 50 $6 200 $20
10 R500 x FPsc ga-deficient dwarf1-2 (gad1-2) F2 (+GA) 50 $6 200 $20
12 R500 x FPsc elongated internode 194 (ein194) F2 50 $6 200 $20
11 R500 x FPsc elongated internode 9 (ein9) F2 50 $6 200 $20
14 wt R500 x wt FPsc F2 50 $6 200 $20
R500 x FPsc AI-RIL populations
15 175 line subpopulation (germ. Rate >75%) 16 $5

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Seeds of the FPsc wild type, mutant, and related genotypes are available at the introductory price of $20/200- or $6/50-seed packets. Credit card payments are managed by using a secure server provided by the UW-Madison Department of Information Technology (DoIT) and shipped to US addresses via USPS First Class mail service (7-10 days). Rush orders can be accommodated at buyer's expense but require email coordination with Program Director Scott Woody (swoody@wisc.edu). Purchases and shipments to non-US destinations may be possible but require compliance with all applicable customs and nation-specific import regulations. Please contact Scott Woody (swoody@wisc.edu) prior to placement of orders from non-US destinations.

FPsc and derivative seed stocks are intended solely for research and educational purposes. While end-users are encouraged to propagate additional seed stocks for use in laboratories, classrooms or other educational settings, propagation for commercial use or resale is strictly prohibited owing to protections provided by US patent #8,629,329 and as enforced by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.
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Last updated on February 25, 2015