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SORH Data Summit

A three-day meeting of SORH and rural health policy professionals to share how we're gathering, analyzing, and visualizing data. We'll learn from each other, and continue developing recommendations for our colleagues and funders.

This year, we'll be having a guest speaker, Ann Emery, who will provide a half-day training on "Data Visualizations in Excel." Well respected and wildly popular, Ann will show us how to achieve compelling visualizations with software we already have.

Please note: this is a brainstorming session, not a data training. Instead of the usual lecture & listen style, we utilize a group discussion format. Bring your ideas, experience, and questions, as learn from each other in how to take data to the next level!

Returning to beautiful Santa Fe, our hotel is located on the historic plaza downtown, with a stunning array of galleries, shops, restaurants, and historic sights within walking distance. And gorgeous hikes in the surrounding mountains are a short bus ride away. So bring your walking shoes!

July 31 - August 2, 2018 La Fonda on the Plaza, NM July 1, 2018 $350

Grant Writing Webinar Series #2: Goals, Objectives and Outcomes: the "GOO" that Holds a Proposal Together
Strong grant proposals often include a clear discussion of goals, objectives, and outcomes. Unfortunately, these concepts tend to be plagued by mixed use or misuse. This leaves grant seekers with the task of both differentiating the terms and describing them for a specific project. Learn the concept behind each term so you can confidently address and distinguish the goals, objectives, and outcomes in your next grant proposal. Some sponsors are now requiring logic models as well as a description of project outcomes. Whether your program is new or established, a logic model is a valuable tool for conceptualizing, articulating, and assessing program success.
July 26, 1:00 webinar July 26, 2018 $0

Grant Writing Webinar Series #3: The Sustainability Challenge: Designing Your Project for Success beyond the Grant Period
Increasingly, in their RFPs, sponsors are requesting information about "sustainability." They want to know what will happen to a project after the grant ends: will it grow, be maintained at current levels, continue on a reduced scale, or cease entirely? In this session, you will learn about five different types of sustainability and two core questions that must be answered when designing a sustainability plan. Case study examples will highlight sustainability considerations from the point of view of grant reviewers and, in turn, better prepare you to answer the oft-dreaded question, "How will your project be sustained beyond the grant period?"
August 9, 2018 1:00 webinar August 9, 2018 $0

Grant Writing Webinar Series #4: ½ Points: Making Your Grant Proposal Distinctively Different
Sometimes the difference between securing and missing grant funding comes down to half points. In this session, you will learn strategies for making your grant proposal distinctively different. You will identify key places in your narrative where inserting a few more specific details can earn you essential benefit of the doubt points that elevate your project into the "Funded" category.
August 23, 2018 1:00 webinar August 23, 2018 $0