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2022 BOR First Meeting Training

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2022 Board of Review First Two-Hour Meeting - USB and Materials
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The Wisconsin Department of Revenue-approved Board of Review (BOR) Conducting a Board of Review First Meeting Training video is available for pre-production orders. For 2022 we offer a USB format with accompanying materials. For 2022 we only offer the 2022 First Meeting video. Materials will be sent out as-ordered. Effective January 1, 2022, Wisconsin Law requires that at least one member of the BOR complete a Wisconsin Department of Revenue-(DOR) approved training each year. DOR recommends training all BOR members. However, the law only requires at least one member to be trained. (Wis. Stats. ยง70.46(4) & 73.03(55)). Again, watching and completing the exam for this video course is required for certification.