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2021 Conducting a Board of Review Hearing Training

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2021 Conducting a Board of Review Hearing - Printed Materials Only
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The Wisconsin Department of Revenue-approved Board of Review (BOR) Conducting a Board of Review Hearing Training video is available for pre-production orders. For 2021 we offer a USB format with accompanying materials. For 2021 we only offer this 2021 Conducting a Board of Review Hearing video. Materials will be sent out as-ordered. Department of Revenue requires completion of this video course for certification of completing the 2021 BOR Requirement. The BOR is a panel of local officials whose job is to hear property owners object to their tax assessments. Wisconsin Law requires that at least one member of the BOR obtain a Wisconsin Department of Revenue-approved training within two years of the BORs first two-hour meeting. We recommend training for all BOR members, but the law requires only at least one member to do so. The Department of Revenue requires taking the current program and will not certify attendance at training using materials or content dated before 2020. This requirement is to ensure BOR members learn the best and most up-to-date information. This video comes with information materials and includes the exam and affidavit to file with the clerk to meet Wisconsin law's certified training requirement. Because each course contains updated and revised content, you may use BOR videos or materials dated before 2021 to meet the 2021 Board of Review training requirement. Again, watching and completing the exam for this video course is required for certification.